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WEIGHT-LOSS-PILL1We do not recommend losing weight by popping pills, however, for those that want to know which ones have been used for weight loss here it is!

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Supplement Amount Why
Green Coffee Extract
Extract providing 400 to 450 mg of chlorogenic acids per day 3 starsSome controlled research has suggested that green coffee extracts taken as supplements or in food may support weight loss.
Daily multivitamin-mineral; follow label instructions 3 starsExtra vitamins and minerals help ensure people get the nutrition they needs, especially people on a weight-loss diet who are avoiding certain foods.
6 to 10 grams daily combined with an exercise program 3 starsCombining exercise with pyruvate may help speed up your metabolism.
Take under medical supervision: 600 to 900 mg daily for no more than 12 weeks 2 stars5-HTP has been shown to reduce appetite and to promote weight loss.
100 mg twice per day 2 stars7-KETO has been shown to promote weight loss in overweight people.
Borage Oil
5 grams (providing 890 mg of gamma-linolenic acid) per day 2 starsIn one study, supplementing with borage oil helped reduce the amount of weight regained by obese people who had previously shed pounds.
800 mg daily 2 starsIn a study of obese people following a low-calorie diet, those receiving a calcium supplement lost significantly more weight than those given a placebo.
Casein Protein
Refer to label instructions 2 starsCasein protein in milk may aid weight loss due to its effect on appetite, calorie burning, and body composition.
Add 6 to 10 grams to each meal 2 starsIncorporating cayenne pepper into the diet may promote weight loss by reducing hunger and calories consumed and increasing the calories the body burns.
Refer to label instructions 2 starsChitosan is a fiber-like substance that may reduce fat absorption. One study found it to be an effective weight-loss aid.
Conjugated Linoleic Acid
3.2 to 4.2 grams daily 2 starsThough the evidence is conflicting, some studies have shown CLA to be effective at helping people lose body fat.
5 to 7 grams daily 2 starsSeveral trials have shown that fiber supplementation from a variety of sources accelerated weight loss in people who were following a low-calorie diet.
Adults: 3 to 4 grams daily; adolescents: 2 to 3 grams daily 2 starsSupplementing with glucomannan, a bulking agent, has promoted weight loss in overweight adults.
Green Tea
An extract supplying 270 mg of EGCG and 150 mg of caffeine per day 2 starsGreen tea extract rich in polyphenols may support a weight-loss program by increasing energy expenditure or by inhibiting fat digestion.
3 grams per day or 17 mg per pound of body weight per day 2 starsHMB may improve muscle growth and overall body composition when combined with an exercise program in people who are not already highly trained athletes.
Take under medical supervision: enough to supply 5 mg of yohimbine four times per day 2 starsYohimbine, a chemical found in yohimbe bark, may help weight loss by raising metabolic rate, reducing appetite, and increasing fat burning.
Amylase Inhibitors
Refer to label instructions 1 starAmylase inhibitors contain substances that prevent dietary carbohydrates from being absorbed by the body and may aid in weight loss.
Bitter Orange
Refer to label instructions 1 starBitter orange contains synephrine, which might promote weight loss.
Blue-Green Algae
Refer to label instructions 1 starBlue-green algae, or spirulina, is a rich source of protein, vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids. It has been promoted as a weight-loss aid, but this claim has not been proven by research.
Refer to label instructions 1 starA review of several studies concluded that supplementing with chromium picolinate may have a beneficial effect on weight loss.
Refer to label instructions 1 starColeus has been recommended by practitioners of herbal medicine for weight loss.
Refer to label instructions 1 starDHEA has been shown to help decrease body fat in men.
Refer to label instructions 1 starAnimal studies suggest that fucoxanthin, an antioxidant found naturally in some types of seaweed, might prevent the growth of fat tissue and reduce abdominal fat.
Guar Gum
Refer to label instructions 1 starGuar gum, another type of fiber supplement, has not been effective in controlled studies for weight loss or weight maintenance.
Refer to label instructions 1 starGuaraná contains caffeine and the closely related alkaloids theobromine and theophylline, these compounds may curb appetite and increase weight loss.
Refer to label instructions 1 starCoupled with exercise, a combination of guggul, phosphate salts, hydroxycitrate, and tyrosine was shown in one study to improve mood and weight loss in overweight adults.
Read details for information 1 starOne study found hoodia to be effective at curbing appetite.
Hydroxycitric Acid
Refer to label instructions 1 starHCA may aid in weight loss by suppressing appetite and by reducing the conversion of carbohydrates into stored fat.
Refer to label instructions 1 starThe amino acid L-carnitine is thought to be potentially helpful for weight loss because of its role in fat metabolism.
Refer to label instructions 1 starAnimal research and preliminary human reports suggest that serotonin precursors such as L-tryptophan might help control appetite and promote weight loss.
Refer to label instructions 1 starManufacturers of relora claim that the extract helps balance hormones such as cortisol, which are associated with weight gain.
Rice Protein
Refer to label instructions 1 starDieters who are gluten or dairy sensitive and looking to supplement protein might consider rice protein, though its actual benefits for weight loss have not been studied.
Refer to label instructions 1 starSesamin is substance present in sesame oil that manufacturers claim may enhance fat burning by increasing the activity of several liver enzymes that break down fatty acids,.
Refer to label instructions 1 starSoy appears to have several effects on the body that might help with weight loss.
Whey Protein
Refer to label instructions 1 starWhey protein may aid weight loss due to its appetite-suppressing effect.

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