Secrets to a Better Workout

In this Health e-tip we wanted to discuss attitudes and habits as they relay to your workouts and routines.  This is an important discussion as it really predicts your success in your fitness pursuits.  Enjoy the article 🙂

Habits and Attitudes:

Secrets To A Better Workout!

We all have habits, whether they are physical (like driving a car) or behavioral (like going to bed and getting up at the same time each day), and whether they are good or bad.

What old habits do you have that keep you from being more physically active? Maybe you always work late and then don’t have time to exercise before dinner, or maybe you have an unconscious habit of eating every time you sit down in front of the TV. These behavioral habits are not easily altered in the quest to find the time to exercise.

Attitude: The Psychological Filter

An attitude is a perspective on something that evolves from our personal experiences. Attitude or the way that you feel about events, politics, the environment or any other issue has been influenced by where you live, what your parents taught you, your peers’ opinions, your career choices, etc.

All of your experiences today are colored by what has happened to you previously. Attitudes serve as psychological filters and allow two people to live through the same experience, but view it quite differently. If you believe that exercise is a waste of time, then it is. You have shaped this attitude over many years and experiences. One person may go to the gym or an exercise class and see it as fun and productive. The other may be self-conscious about what they perceive others to be thinking about them and walk away with a very negative feeling. The end result in both situations was determined by attitude and expectations before the exercise even started.

The Relationship Between Habits and Attitudes

Sometimes we try changing a habit by force. Saying things like, “I should be able to do this” gives the impression that it is only a matter of trying harder. In fact, it is impossible to change a behavioral habit over the long-term without changing your attitude about that habit. Eventually, you will find a way to rationalize that you don’t have time, it’s too difficult, or that the time is just not right. Changing your attitude first allows your behavior to conform to your new way of thinking.

If you see yourself as successful, you will be successful. Remember, success builds the confidence that is so crucial to reaching your long-term goal. Tell yourself that you are an active person, and begin to act like one. Feel positive about exercise and that it is something you are not only capable of, but look forward to. Pretty soon others will see you as active and energetic and begin to treat you that way as well, and you will have created a positive cycle of success.

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