Migraines, Neck or Back Pain: What is the Cause?

I’m sure you know someone that has had a severe migraine. I know how debilitating they can be from seeing new patients coming into my office with them. They can become incapacitated and unable to do anything except lie in a dark room away from everyone. I hate seeing people in pain when I know they don’t have to be. Knowing that I rarely have patients under regular care ever get migraines again I wanted to share my thoughts of what causes them and what can be done about them. I know what most people are thinking (because I used to think this way), I got my migraine from lack of sleep, coffee, alcohol, stress, etc… You would be right in that, that is what can set it off, however, what other factors are involved would be a good question to ask.Why do they happen in some and not others? Why can some do the same things, eat the same food have the same emotional stress and not get symptoms?
These symptoms are a result of the body starting to “break” down. The way I like to look at why the body breaks down is because of 2 things. First, Stress! Physical, chemical and emotional stress can break the body down. Second, lack of capacity to handle the stress. The body has an inherent or innate ability to adapt to these stresses. Or more specifically it is the bodies nervous system that interprets, and adapts to these physical, chemical and emotional stresses.
So, it should be easy to see how to fix or prevent the problem of migraines, or for that matter, neck or back pain, allergies, asthma, digestive problems, etc.
First, reduce the physical, chemical and emotional stresses. This may involve reducing repetitive trauma’s, eliminating household chemicals or processed foods that contain additives and preservatives, and identifying and/or avoiding past and present emotional stresses.
Second, increase the bodies capacity to handle and adapt to stress. This may involve daily exercise, proper nutrition (that is a whole other topic that people are confused about), proper rest, some form of meditation, and yoga/stretching.
Third, remove unhealthy neurologic patterns that are interfering with your body’s ability to adapt and heal. This is something that is missed very often and very confusing to others. After all everyone should know that it is the nervous system that controls every cell, tissue and organ in the body. How could you possibly function optimally if there is interference in the nervous system. I think the biggest reason this is missed so often is because over 90% of the nervous system has no sensory component (the part that gives you pain). If there is interference in your nerves but not affecting the sensory nerves, you won’t feel any problem. The only time you will know there is a problem is when the part of the body fails that is controlled by those nerves. eg. Often the first sign of a heart attack is the heart attack and cancer can develop even though you feel great. At the point you get symptoms it may be too late! Even if we feel pain we are conditioned through billions of dollars of advertising that taking a pill, potion or lotion will fix the problem when in fact is just masks the symptoms while the problem just gets worse.

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