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The Wellness Solution is a simple, self-paced, on-line coaching program that gives your people the tools and strategies to live a life-long journey of better health, energy and vitality. The Wellness Solution will explore the benefits of subjects such as what health is, how to determine how healthy you really are, creating a plan to build on your health, goal setting, toxicities, deficiencies, necessary nutrition and supplements, necessary exercise, do you need to and how to cleanse, recipes, exercise, mind/body connection, how to optimize nerve function and much more! Participants will complete a series of action-oriented exercises after each module that, upon completion, will provide them with a sense of life purpose and vision, and gives them the tools to re-design their lifestyle to embrace true health and wellness.

We offer the Affiliates a chance to be part of the The Wellness Solution Program. The affiliate program is available to any one interested in promoting health and wellness. First of all if you sign up for membership you automatically become an affiliate and can get paid for referring others. This is a way to actually get your membership for free!

This is a fantastic program for the health professionals wanting to educate their patients and clients but do not have the time to do it during visits. This is also a great way to promote health and wellness for an individual wanting to help their friends, family and community to become healthier, live longer, have more energy and better quality of life.

Who Do I Recommend the Program To?

This program is ideal for any person who is serious about improving their quality of life and is prepared to make the necessary lifestyle changes. The Wellness Solution coaches the patient from the comfort of their own home, at an easy to follow pace. People will learn how to integrate simple lifestyle changes one topic at a time to ensure they are not overwhelmed with too much change too quickly.

Additionally, this program will benefit the individual who has tried other wellness programs in the past and has not reached their desired outcome. The Wellness Solution helps participants understand the reasons why they have not been successful with their goals in the past and equips them with tools to be successful going forward.

This program is also ideal for anyone who has never tried a wellness program before and they feel overwhelmed and confused by all the conflicting information out there, this program will give the facts, in simple terms with easy to implement strategies for a life time of better health, higher energy and stronger vitality for life than ever before.

How do I introduce the program to patients/ clients, friends, family and the community.

There are 3 ways to introduce the program:

1/ If you are already signed up for the program you are already an affiliate. You just need to give people the affiliate link you received when you signed up.

2/ If you are not yet an affiliate and do not want to sign up yourself, email us from the “contact us” page about your interest in becoming an affiliate.

3/ If you are not interested in receiving affiliate commissions you can just refer people to

In all situations to help better educate people about the benefits of the program, a powerpoint presentation can be made available.