Fitness Frustrations

frustrated_exerciseHave you experienced frustrations in the area of fitness?  Have you done one to many New Years resolution 12 week challenges at the local gym just to find 3 weeks into it you quite?  You are not alone . . .read on.

Why does this happen? It’s not that we don’t want the results that a long and dedicated fitness plan has to offer.  We think it’s more about It’s more about jumping into something on a whim or the hype of the moment.  It’s just not maintainable.  Most of us need to connect with our Big WHY.

Our Big WHY is the reason behind why we do what we do.  Most of us unfortunately live our lives to avoid pain and to seek pleasure.  There is no underlying purpose to what we do day in and day out.  Sure, we go to work, spend time with our families etc, but not much more.  We know we need to eat better and get in shape, but that’s where it ends.  To find your big why for making lifestyle change you need a pencil and paper.  Write done what you currently don’t like about your health and wellness.  Then write out what the benefits of changing your diet, getting fit etc would be.  Maybe it’s more energy throughout the day.  Or perhaps just feeling great all the time!  Or how about adding a few extra healthy years to your life so you can enjoy your grandchildren without aches, pains and ailments?  There’s a big WHY!!

Connect that WHY to your decision to get fit and you will have much more success.  Our Wellness Solution Program was designed for just that reason.  We hired a fitness expert to put together a home-based fitness program exculsively for our program.  Start simple or go advanced.  Where ever you are, take the next step and connect it to you Big WHY.

Good Health and Wellness is yours.

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About The Wellness Solution . . .

The Wellness Solution is a Health and Wellness Program set in 12 monthly web based modules. Lose Weight, Get Fit and Reduce Stress.


Helping You Get Fit, Eat Right, Lose Weight and Reduce Stress in a Friendly Web Based Health and Wellness Portal


Web Based Health and Wellness Program. Lose Weight, Get Fit and Reduce Stress with The Wellness Solution. Learn how clean eating, simple home based exercise, unique stress management techniques and proper nutritional supplement can transform your health. We have designed custom workout routines just for you with diet and nutrition plans that are up-to-date with the most current scientific studies.

There is a lot of misinformation out there. It’s hard to know who and what to trust when it comes to health and wellness information. That’s where the Wellness Solution comes in. Dr Daniel Lonquist and Dr Greg Haitz have consolidated 30+ years of clinical practice and research to bring you simple, honest and scientifically based wellness principles and put them in one place. The Wellness Solution is your one-stop-shop for no non-sense health and wellness education and implementation. Join us today and Reclaim Your Health!

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    Halellujah! I needed this-you’re my savior.

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